Just Start. Start Now. Fail Often. Enjoy the Ride. Message Received.

Just Start. Start Now. Fail Often. Enjoy the Ride. Message Received.

Welcome to The 1LIFE Odyssey

Life can be an incredible adventure, filled with amazing moments, experiences, and endless opportunities. And 1LIFE is all about making the most of this incredible adventure. So, buckle up & open your eyes to living a life YOU can truly be proud of. 

The brand is built on one simple idea: Life is the single greatest thing we all possess. And with that...every day is a new day... A new day to be inspired...to live with intention... to try something new.

I want to share my vision with you. “1LIFE” is here as a reminder to LIVE LIFE.  Life moves incredibly fast, and I can say with 100% CERTAINTY you aren’t going to make it out alive. 

Together, let's explore a life without limits.  One you are free to create, to dream BIG and explore the endless possibilities life has to offer. I want you to give yourself permission to dream again.

This blog is a perspective being shared from my point of view. Some messages might stick with you, others will be disregarded immediately after reading. Some will be informative; others will be ideas or thoughts I want to share and put out into the world. You are welcome to keep what serves you and leave the rest. 

I appreciate your support and look forward to writing to you here. Keep shining and being the best you can be. Day one or One day... the choice is yours.

Until next time,



“‘Every man has two lives, and the second starts when he realizes he has just one’“


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