New Day. New Opportunity.

New Day. New Opportunity.

Same shit..different day..

No. (sorry Grandma)


Take a deep breath. A DEEEEEEEEEEEEP breath.


A deep breath from the bottom of the lungs to the top. Again.


Do you feel that?


That is Breath. That is Life. That is Love


And with that comes Choice. Responsibility. Opportunity.



I want to share with you a song that plays through my head EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

When you on a wave like this, you gotta keep going

And when y-, when you at rock bottom, you just gotta keep going

And if you're right in the middle, you just gotta keep going.

You must keep going.

Think of your..




Future.. Kids. Partner. 

They need the BEST you.

I have resided in a 15.51 square feet Ford Ranger cab many frigid nights..many more than I would like to admit.

Summited beautiful mountains. 

Mentally & Physically.

I have called a few different couch cushions home for months.

Ran a marathon with 2 of my closest friends. I love you guys.

Went days without eating being too prideful to ask for help.

Felt the highest of the highs surrounded by those I LOVE the most.

You all know who you are. And let me remind you if you don't.

I have woken up many times in the morning & and not wanted to live another day.

(Shoutout Maddux if you are reading this, you sent me a text when I was at one of my lowest points..that shit changed my life.. I remember it so vividly.)

And I have spent mannnyyy days in between when the days are longggggg, mundane, and boring. 

The highs. The lows. The in betweens. 1LIFE.


This is to me what makes life so beautiful.


You must keep going.

 What is the alternative?


With immense love & gratitude,


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